SIMO motor -YKK high voltage motor

SIMO motor – high voltage three phase asynchronous motor is used to drive a variety of general machinery, such as compressors, pumps, crushing machine, cutting machine, transport machinery and so on, for mines, mechanical industry, petroleum chemical industry, generator and other various industrial as the prime mover.

To drive the blower, coal grinding machine, rolling machine, hoist motor should be in order indicate the purpose and technical requirements, the special design in order to ensure the reliable operation.

YKK high voltage three phase asynchronous motor features: motor modeling uses the steel plate welding box type structure, light weight, with a closed type air cooler, ease of maintenance; stator by pressing structure, stator winding insulation class F, VPI impregnating varnish, excellent insulation performance reliability, good mechanical strength, moisture ability is strong; the basic form for protection grade IP54.

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