Simo Motor celebrating the Nation’s Day and the 70th birthday of China

Since 1949 to 2019, great China has been welcoming her own 70TH  birthday with all attentions from all over the world. All Chinese people, all overseas Chinese are celebrating our country’s birthday with great honor to remember the history, cherish the revolutionary martyrs and feel deeply proud for all the achievements we got through in the 70 years.

Simo motor always insist on providing best service to customer, honoring our country, trying our each best effort to produce each motor.

Today, we are also celebrating our country’s birthday and we promise, we will stay firmly on our post, stay true to the mission to realise our dream, our company’s  dream, our country’s dream!

China is not the old China any more, we are strong, safe, powerful but still love peace, love everything good. We may not be the most perfect, but we people are one, we are trying our best to make our country, ourselves better! So proud to be a Chinese!

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