Crazy!!! Raw Materials Are Skyrocketing

Electric Motor industry increased price Recently, the prices of copper, plastics, aluminum and stainless steel have continued to rise. Copper prices rose by 40% last week, and continue to rise this week. On November 30, domestic copper prices rose sharply again to 57610 RMB/ton. Since April, domestic silicon steel sheets have risen by 26-31%, aluminum […]

SIMO YXKK Series Motors Successfully Tested

YXKK series motors developed and designed by Xi’an Simo Motor successfully passed the test and inspection recently, and all indicators met the national and industry standards, and were officially put into production. Technical parameters of YXKK: Poles: 2P-16P Power range: 280kW-4000kW Rated voltage: 6kV, 10kV, 6.6kV, 11kV Insulation pole: F Protection level: IP23, IP54, IP55 […]

Happy And Prosperous New Year

In 2020, SIMO sincerely thank all customers and friends for your strong support and accompany, thank you for choosing and using SIMO Motor, SIMO is wonderful because of you. In 2021, SIMO will not forget its aspiration, continue to work hard, develop super motor, and continue to provide customers with the highest quality products and […]

Z4 Brush Dc Motor Delivery

Z4 brush dc motor is brush DC motor, when the motor is working, the coil and commutator rotate, but the magnetic steel and carbon brushes do not rotate. The alternating current direction of the coil is changed by the commutator and brush that rotate with the motor. Through 60 years development, SIMO Z4 brush dc […]

YVFE2 Motors Were Delivered

Since 2020 New Year, the customer begin to inquire about YVFE2 motors. After communication and understanding, the customer learned about the history and strength of the SIMO factory, and finally chose to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with us. The order is in due time delivered after 50 days production. The customer is very satisfied after […]

SIMO slip ring

SIMO slip ring is adopted with cast copper, with high hardness, low resistance and wear resistance. The insulation material is epoxy resin and alkali-free glass fiber cloth impregnated, cast and laminated, which has good insulation performance, compression resistance and impact resistance, resin oil resistance, oxidation resistance, heat resistance and good aging performance.

SIMO carbon brush

SIMO carbon brush has good lubricity, low friction coefficient and good commutation performance. It is mainly applicable to the slip ring of large steam turbine generator, exciter, slip ring of hydro-generator, and DC motor with normal commutation.

YRKK Slip Ring Motor

Simo Motor Group is mainly engaged in reliable simo high voltage slip ring motor, simo high voltage motors, low voltage motors, AC motors, DC motors and other series of products and their supporting control equipment, and can develop and design non-standard products according to user requirements. Our motor accessories department can provide you with high […]

SIMO force fan, cooling fan

It is an independent cooling component. It is installed as a whole with the motor to form a closed cooling system. Through the operation of the circulating fan and the cooling fan, the hot air inside the motor passes through the cooling pipe and is continuously cooled by the external cold air, thereby ensuring the […]