SIMO slip ring

SIMO slip ring is adopted with cast copper, with high hardness, low resistance and wear resistance. The insulation material is epoxy resin and alkali-free glass fiber cloth impregnated, cast and laminated, which has good insulation performance, compression resistance and impact resistance, resin oil resistance, oxidation resistance, heat resistance and good aging performance. SIMO motor, founded […]

SIMO carbon brush

SIMO carbon brush has good lubricity, low friction coefficient and good commutation performance. It is mainly applicable to the slip ring of large steam turbine generator, exciter, slip ring of hydro-generator, and DC motor with normal commutation. SIMO motor, founded in 1955, is a comprehensive industrial company integrating the R&D, design, production, sales and maintenance […]

SIMO wound rotor slip ring motor

JR three-phase asynchronous motor is a wound rotor motor, which complies with JB564-64 specifications. This series is protective type, it can be made pipe ventilation according to the needs of users. The series motor must be connected to the starting rheostat in advance in the rotor circuit. The rotor winding is not allowed to start […]

SIMO force fan, cooling fan

It is an independent cooling component. It is installed as a whole with the motor to form a closed cooling system. Through the operation of the circulating fan and the cooling fan, the hot air inside the motor passes through the cooling pipe and is continuously cooled by the external cold air, thereby ensuring the […]


YJTKK high voltage variable frequency three-phase asynchronous motor is cage rotor asynchronous motor. It is accord with performance standard GB/T 28562. The motor uses a steel plate welded box structure. And it can be adapt with 380V or 6KV/10KV high voltage working condition. SIMO motor, founded in 1955, is a comprehensive industrial company integrating the […]

440V DC motor

Z4 DC motor not only can generate direct current power, but also is suitable to supply static current power. And the small inertia, good dynamic performance, z4 motor can suffer a higher rating of load, especially suitable for stepless speed control , high efficiency, automatic steady speed, smart control system, with the international advanced level. […]

SIMO motor -YKK high voltage motor

SIMO motor – high voltage three phase asynchronous motor is used to drive a variety of general machinery, such as compressors, pumps, crushing machine, cutting machine, transport machinery and so on, for mines, mechanical industry, petroleum chemical industry, generator and other various industrial as the prime mover. To drive the blower, coal grinding machine, rolling […]

How about SIMO Z2 220v dc motor?

SIMO Z2 220v dc motor is complies with JB/T 1104-68.This series of motors is divided into 11 frame numbers, every frame number has two iron length. It can be produced into dc motor, dc generator, dc adjust voltage generator. Electric motor’s excitation voltage is 110v or 220v. Electric motor’s rated voltage is 110v. SIMO motor, […]

China Simo Motor

SIMO motor, founded in 1955, is a comprehensive industrial company integrating the R&D, design, production, sales and maintenance of motor products. Our products range: SIMO motor, High Voltage(3KV 6KV 10KV) AC Motor, SIMO high voltage motor, 440v dc motor, YX3 motor, YB2 6kv 10kv explosion proof motor, slip ring motor for sugar mill and spare […]

Iran customer come to China SIMO motor for signing contract

Recently, after carefully compared with other Electric motor manufacturer, Iran customer finally choose SIMO MOTOR as their best suppier. Because the production scale, the product quality, the offer price, and the technical strength are comprehensively perfect for their need.Once settled down, they came to China again and meet with our engineers and signed the contract […]