YRKK Slip Ring Motor

Simo Motor Group is mainly engaged in reliable simo high voltage slip ring motor, simo high voltage motors, low voltage motors, AC motors, DC motors and other series of products and their supporting control equipment, and can develop and design non-standard products according to user requirements. Our motor accessories department can provide you with high quality and low cost original motor accessories; motor repair shops can professionally repair various types of motors, generators and related equipment at home and abroad.

Notes for YRKK motor:

  • Motor can be bi-rotation. No reverse-braking is allowed.
  • Space heater:220V,1000W(heater just can be operated once motor is turned off.) 
  • Bearing and lubricating oil: Bearing: DE-NU238ECM;NDE-6332/C3; Lubricating oil: GB/T 7324 3#.
  • Motor grounding indicator and M12 bolts are usually at the sides of terminal box of main power, motor NDE side.
  • Motor does not bear additional axial thrust and radial force except coupling.
  • YRKK slip ring motor can provide a larger starting torque at a smaller starting current, it has high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, low vibration, light weight, reliable performance, easy installation and maintenance. And belting driving is not allowed on the motor of 2 and 4 poles.

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