SIMO YXKK Series Motors Successfully Tested

YXKK series motors developed and designed by Xi’an Simo Motor successfully passed the test and inspection recently, and all indicators met the national and industry standards, and were officially put into production.

Technical parameters of YXKK:

Poles: 2P-16P

Power range: 280kW-4000kW

Rated voltage: 6kV, 10kV, 6.6kV, 11kV

Insulation pole: F

Protection level: IP23, IP54, IP55

Cooling method: IC01, IC611, IC81W

Mounted type: IMB3

Standard: IEC, GB, JB


In recent years, with the progress of domestic insulation materials and process technology, as well as the maturity of software analysis, it has brought feasibility for the research and development of compact high-power density motors. SIMO motor actively responds to the national call for energy conservation and emission reduction, with the ultimate goal of reducing material costs and improving motor efficiency, and through reasonable structure and electromagnetic design, to improve the production process to improve the overall quality of the motor.


In the future, the replacement of traditional motors by YXKK series motors are a general trend, and the space is huge. At present, my country’s motor power consumption accounts for nearly 70% of industrial power consumption. To reduce unit energy consumption, high-efficiency and energy-saving compact motors are the breakthrough.

SIMO YXKK series motors with high efficiency and high power density can be widely used in fans, pumps, mills, compressors and other mechanical equipment. Due to its small size, high power density, high efficiency, and stable performance, it will gradually replace ordinary Y series asynchronous motors and contribute to the national motor industry.


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