• YJT, YJTKK motor is three phase induction motor, which is in accord with performance standard GB/T 28562. The motor USES a steel plate welded box structure. And it can be adapt with  6KV/10KV high voltage working condition.
  • For the variable frequency motor which the cooling method is IC616(seperate blower cooling), customer should be attention to the colling blower’s power supply requirement.
  • To prevent insulating property be demaged on account of damp in motor, space heater should be used in the humidity area, the voltage of space heater is 220V/380V.
  • Our YJTKK high voltage three-phase induction motors are all equippd with thermometric element, graduation is 6 nos PT100. PT100 on stator winding (2 nos, for each phase), each on DE & NDE side bearings. Stator winding and bearing’s temperature could me measured by EXT temperature, so that motor winding and bearing could be prtected.
  • Current transformer is used to measure motor’s circuit current, so that motor could be proteacted.
  • Our motor which the central height is above 500mm, 2P and central height is above 710mm most use sleeve bearing. Such motors should be equipped with oil pump to grease and cooling bearing and bearing bush. (oil pump is equipped by customer). If customer needs self-lubricating motor, they should communicate with manufacturer before placing order.
  • Motor can equip with polarimetric element to measure the vibration on bearing. Generally each bearing needs two. Customer should equip vibration meter.

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