How about SIMO Z2 220v dc motor?

Z2 series DC motor is small DC motors for general industrial use. The motors are suitable for electric drives with constant power speed regulation, range not greater than 2:1, and overload capacity not greater than 1.5 times of the rated torque. 

Z2 series DC motors are self-ventilated motors. When the applied armature voltage is reduced and the speed is adjusted downwards, the torque decreases correspondingly with the decrease of the speed, and it can work normally in forward or reverse rotation.

Z2 series rolling mill DC motor is one-way circular technique shaft extension, according to user requirements. it could be made into biaxial extension. 1-6# frame can transmit rated torque in accordance with the transmission mode of the overview article 4, while 7-11# frame, the commutator end shaft extension is driven by a coupling, which can transmit rated torque. The belt spur gear drive can only transmit 50% of the rated torque.

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