SIMO motor -YKK Series Motor

YKK series motor meets the market demand for motors with higher protection levels. Secondly, this product has strong versatility and has become a mainstream product, which can be used to replace the original old-fashioned JK series motors. The motor adopts all-steel welding with reasonable structure. The air cooler on the top has good heat dissipation performance. At the same time, it adopts VPI vacuum pressure dipping paint, which has superior insulation performance and long life. The motor can be made into a high-efficiency motor, called YXKK.

The characteristic of YKK motor:

  • The motor is an internationally popular box structure. The base and end cover are made of welded steel plates, with good rigidity and light weight. The top of the motor adopts a closed air-to-air cooler, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly, which is beneficial to the maintenance and repair of the motor.
  • The stator winding of YKK high voltage motor adopts Class F insulation materials and protective materials. The end of the stator winding is fixed by a special binding process, which is firm and reliable. The entire stator is treated with a vacuum pressure impregnation machine without solvent (VPI). Therefore, the motor has excellent and reliable insulation performance, moisture resistance and impact resistance.
  • Most of the squirrel cage rotors of this series of motors use cast aluminum rotors, which are reliable in operation; the squirrel cage copper bar rotors use advanced and reliable welding technology, and the groove is fastened.
  • There are two types of bearings, rolling bearings and sliding bearings, depending on the power and speed of the motor. The basic protection level is IP44. If the motor has a higher protection level, the protection level of the bearing will also increase. Motors adopting rolling bearings have non-stop oil refueling and oil draining.
  • The main terminal box is a sealed structure, and the protection level is IP54. Generally installed on the left side. The inlet hole of the outlet box can be turned up, down, left and right. There is a separate ground terminal inside the box.

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